A common issue that affects visibility and safety on the road is foggy headlights. Headlights are prone to collecting dirt, grime, and UV damage, leading to a foggy or yellowed appearance. Beyond being a cosmetic concern, foggy headlights reduce light output, affecting road coverage and visibility to other drivers.

Why Should You Address Foggy Headlights?

Foggy headlights not only diminish your vehicle’s appearance but also pose a safety risk by reducing light output by up to 50%. This compromised visibility can lead to accidents, especially in low-light conditions or harsh weather.

Headlight Restoration Solution

To restore your headlights effectively, DIY kits may offer a temporary solution, but a professional headlight restoration is the most reliable option. Professional restoration involves sanding, polishing, re-sealing, and fixing water-tight seals for long-lasting results. This procedure is both cost-effective and can prevent the need for expensive headlight replacements, which can exceed $500.

Don’t compromise on safety or aesthetics. If your headlights need attention, contact Norris Tire & Auto Center to improve your vehicle’s appearance, and, most importantly, your safety on the road.