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A regular routine tune-up can give you protection against the major engine problem by locating and replacing worn components, like fuel filters, spark plugs and more. Having a regular tune-up schedule will assist your vehicle in boosting efficiency, preserving higher fuel mileage, and prolonging the life of your vehicle.  

Symptoms that indicate your vehicle needs a tune-up service include airflow issues, engine knocks/ping sounds, slow acceleration, and poor gasoline milage. Our team of certified technicians provides a comprehensive tune-up service that incorporates fluid level inspection, replacing filters/plugs, examining the rotor, and much more.

Tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle and save you money in the long run. Contact Us for a tune-up service today with our expert technicians to avoid major vehicle problems and protect the life of your vehicle. 


Ensuring your vehicle’s well-being involves promptly addressing repair and maintenance needs. With extensive experience in manufacturer-recommended inspections, we possess the expertise to detect and resolve issues effectively. Our Mile Inspections encompass a thorough evaluation for worn parts and potential hazards, safeguarding your journeys on the road.

  • 30,000 Mile Service 
  • 60,000 Mile Service 
  • 90,000 Mile Service

Timing Belt Replacement Services

Timing belt replacement is vital for your vehicle. Recommended every 100,000 miles, it’s important to consult your manual for specific schedules, especially if your car has timing chains. Neglecting this can result in unexpected engine damage and loss of synchronization.

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Get the services you need today and pay overtime. Take advantage of our flexible financing options for tire purchases, brake repairs, or any essential services to ensure you hit the road with confidence.